First 2017 GIS base camp.

And we are all set for our first GIS-base camp of 2017. March 10-12, our dedicated band of GIS specialists will set up our new virtual field study area as well as working on the much smaller scale of the finds distributions from our surveys.

The aim for this weekend to set up a working model of the landscape reconstructions in the Angus/South Aberdeenshire area, which will be needed for our field work later in the year.
Beginning with the databases from CANMORE we will try and reconstruct the old landscapes of the area, taking account of the now defunct pass routes through the Mearns as well as the older road network, which was completely transformed in the 20th century.

A second team will be working at the finds analysis of various of the fort sites that we surveyed in the last decade to prepare the final reports.

This is the first of our base camps and we are willing to take volunteers. We work with QGIS. If you are interested in joining the project, please drop us an email.