The Roman Army Conferences organised by the Roman Gask Project and MANCENT

In 2020 we will be organising for the seventh time our Roman Army conference in cooperation with MANCENT. Held traditionally on the last Saturday in September these daylong conferences bring together Experts and Amateurs to compare notes on the latest development of the chosen theme of the conference.

The 2020 theme will be THE ROMAN ARMY IN LATE ANTIQUITY, with one slot still available for a young researcher interested in presenting his research. If you are interested, please contact us before February 6th, 2020

Here are some of the programmes of earlier conferences and their themes:

2016: The Roman Legions:  MANCENT 2016 conference 

2017:  The Roman Army and its harbours Mancent 2017 Conference 
2018: The Roman Army and mining: MANCENT 2018  conference

2019: MANCENT 2019 conference

A long term research project to study the Romans north of the Antonine Wall