Maps of the Gask Ridge Area

The Gask Ridge at around 70 metres above sea level lies between the Highland massif and Fife, and forms part of a corridor northwards towards the coastal strip of richer agricultural land that extends to the Moray Firth. The Ridge forms the core of the Gask Project’s Research Area.

The maps show sites of Flavian age in the research area.

Detail maps
All Scotland (copyright Peter Green)
Flavian Scotland north of Newstead (copyright David Woolliscroft)
Gask Ridge (copyright David Woolliscroft)
Mid Scotland
Gask South – map 1
Gask South Central – map 2
Gask North Central – map 3
Gask North – map 4

Map of Scotland (copyright Peter Green)
Roman Gask Area
Map of the Gask are (copyright Peter Green)

To see more details: large_gask_map1

Flavian Scotland
Flavian Scotland north of Newstead
The Gask Ridge
The Gask Ridge

A long term research project to study the Romans north of the Antonine Wall